Thursday, September 13, 2007

Six Years Later.

The September 11th terror attacks killed almost 3,000 people, including people from over 80 countries. Yet how much do most Americans know about the attacks, and what have we learned since the then. Roughly 1/3 of Americans can't even remember the year the attacks occurred. Twenty-two percent of Americans believe that Bush knew about the attacks in advance and twenty-nine percent believe the CIA did. Among Democrats, 35% believe that Bush knew about the attacks in advance. As well, most Americans believe that we have changed for the worse since 9/11 and that we are now less safe than before 9/11. This was not true in early 2002 when 61% of Americans believed we were safer. What factors have led us to our current circustance?

George Bush is, no doubt, one of the most permanently unpopular Presidents in American history. Bush's approval rating has tended to stay just at or under 40% since early 2006. This is quite shocking as he had a 92% approval rating after 9/11, one of the highest ever recorded. Not only is Bush not popular in America, he is also intensely disliked across much of the globe. This is a far cry from a man like Gorbachev, who was, "a saint abroad, and a devil at home."(Gorbachev got less than 1% of the vote when he ran for Russian President in 1996.)

The collapse of the Bush Presidency can largely be ascribed to the neo-cons, who have essentially used Bush as their puppet since he took office. As neo-con intellectual Richard Perle once stated, "The first time I met Bush 43 … two things became clear. One, he didn't know very much. The other was that he had the confidence to ask questions that revealed he didn't know very much." As Voltaire once stated, "An infallible method of making fanatics is to persuade before you instruct." Bush was persuaded to the neo-con ideology regarding foreign policy, but seemed to know very little in the way of real world facts. For instance, Bush seemed to be unaware of the Sunni/Shia divide in Iraq until two months before the war. By surrounding himself with a bunch of neo-con advisors, Bush has become almost completely walled off from reality. Bush seems to believe that media manipulation and repeating the same mantras over and over will somehow change real world circumstances. If not, he might be able to fool enough people. When Bush was warned about the growing insurgency in Iraq he stated,

"Well, I don't think we're there yet and I don't want any of my cabinet officers saying there's an insurgency. I don't want to read about it in "The New York Times."

A true leader would ask advice on how to nip the insurgency in the bud, not deny it's existence.

As time has gone on, the number of people fooled by this President has gone steadily down. This is a good thing. The goal of this blog will be to expose all the lies of this Administration and their sycophants in the media.

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"A true leader would ask advice on how to nip the insurgency in the bud, not deny it's existence."


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